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From David Langlois, Ottawa

I’ve just spent the past day or two reading almost every word you’ve written. And I just wanted to thank you for having taken the time to share your thoughts with us.

I rode my first powered two-wheeled vehicle in 1963. It was an NSU 175cc step-thru scooter, with small wheels and even smaller brakes. But to a 15 year old teenager it was heaven.

I took a long break from motorcycling in 1972 when someone decided that they needed my 1969 Norton Fastback more than I did. However, for my birthday in 2006 my wife bought me a 1982 Honda CB900F with only 5,750 km on it and I came back to the joys of riding. I now ride almost every day from the end of April to the beginning of October, which means here in the National Capital Region of Canada (Ottawa) I see weather from zero to 40 degrees C.

I decided to take the Rider’s Safety Course when I first started riding again in 2006. It was worth the day. There were many things I had forgotten, and many things I could not do well. But it was a good beginning.

I like your writing style. Informative, authoritative and crisp. You get the point across – and omit all the blather.

Thanks again for taking the time. I appreciate your work.

Cheers, David Langlois

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