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“What a difference…”

“Thanks very much to Kevin for the day a couple of weekends ago, I’ve only had 1 chance to get out on my own bike since, but WHAT a difference!

“I got to go out for a ride on my own bike and chose a route I often do from Musselburgh to North Berwick along the coast. Which is very twisty to say the least.

“Whilst I used to bimble along it knowing that some times the bend felt right and sometimes it didn’t, now I know why, and I found myself fully focussed on (and knowing) how to get the bend right (doesn’t mean I always do though); at least when it doesn’t feel right, I know why now. It made such a difference to my confidence and my ability to read the road. I couldn’t believe how different the same road felt, it was like riding it again for the first time!

“I think I may have found it a bit much learning a new set of techniques on a different bike, on roads I don’t know, in the rain; but getting back on my own machine on roads I know made it all come together. – fantastic. Still plenty to work on, but now I know what I’m looking for and how to achieve it.

“Thanks again Spin.”

Another happy Bends trainee! ‘Youroldnemesis’ from Scotland. The weather was a bit monsoon-like, and having to do it on a borrowed machine isn’t ideal… but glad it’s dropping into place! It’s nice when you try something out on a road you know and think “wow!…”

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